Redefining MPS – A Vendor Perspective

03-Feb-2016 7:39 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

by Simon Vermooten, Auxilio Inc.

As a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider, Auxilio references the MPSA definition of MPS as it correlates with our business model providing managed print service to the healthcare industry.

“The active management and optimization of business processes related to documents and information, including input and output devices.”

The critical modification in the new definition to include the active management and optimization of business processes is one our organization has been performing for our clients for years. The biggest hurdle has been the various meanings of MPS across our competitors and customers to truly understand what the customer ultimately wants and needs versus what is being offered.

We believe there are three types of customers, and each has its own expectation of a managed print service program:

Price driven, not expecting a high service level.

Cost conscious and expects a high service level with some value added services.

Aiming for cost savings through business process improvements that increases efficiency and end user satisfaction, which could include technology implementation.

In the market, we see most providers serving the Basic Needs and Blended Service customers. It’s an advantage for service providers like Auxilio to see the new MPSA definition fitting with the service level expectation of the Blended Service customer and their assumptions.

As managed print services is evolving, Auxilio’s model evolves to include services outside of the traditional box-and-toner model to involve workflow around business processes comprising software and services. This is a focus on information management versus document management and requires a different personnel skill set and business plan. This transition is allowing Auxilio to service our mature accounts with software solutions and our expertise managing the program. This is not an easy transition as sales, solutions, implementation, and administrative functions have to change to meet a differing set of requirements for this offering.

At Auxilio, in addition to the MPSA definition, we include the total cost of ownership in our service model, because just managing and optimizing devices is only part of an MPS program; business processes are what should ideally be the driving force behind what input and output devices are actually needed. The problem is that the anticipated print/copy volume drives the device requirement in an unmanaged environment, resulting in excess devices and capacity. As soon as a comprehensive MPS program is in place, then there is the opportunity to match business process to documents and information required for the business function that in turn leads to the input and output device requirements.

The on-going adoption of digital devices and electronic content is reducing the need and reliance on the printed document, resulting in the need for fewer devices and a reduced total cost of ownership. Good for the consumer, bad for the vendor.

As an industry, we will continue to experience the challenge of MPS and its variety of definitions and interpretation of the definition. MPS means a hundred different things to a hundred different people. As stated earlier, Auxilio references the MPSA definition as this best fits the MPS business model that Auxilio provides and now with the expanded definition, this provides additional gravitas for those vendors who can effectively transition their business model to broaden their scope of services rather than cherry pick the services they deem easy to provide and most profitable. In addition to the new definition and the multiple interpretations, providers must be flexible and adaptive to the customer’s ever changing business needs. MPS is not just a solution, it’s also an ongoing trusted partnership.

Simon Vermooten is EVP Managed Print Service Strategy, Auxilio Inc.

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