Getting Into the Spirit (Animal)

24-May-2019 11:39 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

by Ann Priede, Canon Solutions America

I have been hearing a lot about Spirit Animals lately and wondered just what a Spirit Animal could bring to the business arena. For those of you new to the Spirit Animal world, a Spirit Animal represents your inner personality with respect to your personality traits and skills.

According to, the top five Spirit Animals are the wolf, owl, bear, hawk, and fox. Each one of those animal totems has characteristics that can be applied to the work environment. The Wolf represents intelligence, instincts, and social awareness, while the Owl offers access to intuition and wisdom. The Bear signifies strength, confidence, healing, and grounding, and the Hawk provides focus, clear vision, and perspective. Finally, the Fox is discerning, responsive, agile, and smart.

While any one of these animal spirits is a strong candidate for a successful work style, the true strength lies in building a team that can blend these traits in a spirit of collaboration and cohesiveness. Then you can harness the power of this team to tackle any manner of projects and challenges, with each team member leveraging his or her strengths.

Spirit Animals may just be the latest New Age distraction, but I will say that after taking the Spirit Animal Quiz, my Spirit Animal is pretty spot on – the Deer: highly sensitive, strong intuition, power to deal with challenges with grace, can be determined and gentle.

Regardless of whether you believe in Spirit Animals – and I’m not convinced myself — the self-reflection needed to take this type of quiz is helpful to think about how you best interact with others and identifying your traits enables you to  put your strengths to work in your personal and professional lives.

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