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    • 15-Nov-2018
    • 12:00 PM
    • Webinar

    The MPSA is pleased to announce a new webinar: Going beyond MPS for your clients, and your practice

    The world of MPS has changed dramatically over the past couple of decades and there are no signs that the pace of change will be slowing down any time soon. How do MPS providers differentiate themselves in a commoditized and highly differentiated market?

    Join us as we review how the Guy Brown program has been designed over the past decade and a half and matured to a level where they earned themselves the MPSA Independent Plus Provider award for 2018.

    • The only constant is change in IT, so how do we facilitate this in our practice;
    • How does a MPS provider put both their client and themselves first in a symbiotic relationship;
    • How different is the sales process today compared to 5 years ago and how to remain relevant to your customers’ needs;
    • The importance of data and its interpretation;
    • MPS in the year 2025, what should it look like?
    Register now!

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    Webinar ID: 787-485-875

    • 04-Dec-2018
    • 12:00 PM
    • Webinar

    Most MPS providers offer customer assessments as part of their MPS business process.  The assessment data collected lays the baseline and is typically utilized to develop an MPS implementation plan or proposal.  However, MPS providers face the choice of numerous standalone tools, many with overlapping functions.  In this webinar, attendees will learn about the advantages of using an integrated toolset.  They will also see what solutions are available to address security-conscious MPS customer prospects.  Using the Netaphor SiteAudit Assessment tools as an example, attendees will see a live demo on how an integrated tool can provide:

    • Data collection – Capture local printers easily in addition to network devices
    • Reporting – Graphic-rich reports including a printer security vulnerability report
    • Device mapping – Leverage Microsoft Visio for device mapping with integrated DCA data
    • TCO Analysis – Develop what-if scenarios and show both current-state and future-state TCO
    • ITSM Platform Integration – Integrating a data collection tool with ServiceNow or BMC Remedy, why this makes sense for your customers

    Throughout the presentation, Brian will share how customers are using the SiteAudit toolset to deliver more efficient, accurate and comprehensive assessments with security in mind.  Following the presentation, a Q&A session will follow where attendees can ask Brian and Robert questions about assessments tools.

    Registration URL:

    Webinar ID: 898-054-843

    • 31-Jan-2019
    • 12:00 PM
    • Webinar

    The office equipment space is in the middle of an evolution. Less printed pages, more digital everything. And in that lies a huge opportunity to expand into managed IT services. But where do you start?

    James Foxall, president and CEO of Tigerpaw Software — recipient of the 2018 MPSA Best MPS Software award — has seen this scenario during the 1990s with the telecom industry and is ready to share his convergence cheat sheet. Join James for this MPSA-sponsored webinar and learn not only how you can “Manage More Than Print in 5 Steps” but also how one dealer just like you made the digital transformation to increase sales and revenue.

    Registration URL:

    Webinar ID: 251-930-707

    January 31, 2019, 11:00 am Central

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