All Associates Group Newest Corporate Member of Managed Print Services Association

04-Jul-2011 11:48 PM | Anonymous

Market data leader brings specialized knowledge to managed print services community

ALL Associates Group is the newest corporate member of the Managed Print Services Association (MPSA). ALL Associates Group is well known in the output market for predictive modeling and data analytics to provide the foundation for clients to build sustainable enterprise document strategies.

“ALL Associates has been one of the key contributors to the evolution of managed print services over the past two decades and a major influence in providing the research and methodology for a more data-driven, objective consultative sales approach within the output industry. Their client list is the who’s who of output,” said MPSA President, Joe Barganier.

The following comments are excerpts from an interview with ALL Associates CEO, Eddie Riddell:

Joining the Voice of MPS

“We are excited about joining MPSA because we believe they have the opportunity and challenge of providing a voice to define the value of what the MPS market is becoming.” Riddell said. “ALL Associates can help MPSA membership frame the opportunity and remove barriers in getting access to more senior executives by providing customer-specific data. In doing that, we help dealers move from free assessments to fee assessments. If positioned correctly, you become a value-add consultant partner rather than a commodity vendor.”

He added, “MPSA fits beautifully with our strategy. Providing value, education and experience will be part of our contribution to MPSA. We have value to give, such as research papers, tools and data, and we’ll get value back from being part of the association.”

Assessment Resources for Dealers

ALL Associates is the developer of EDAM®Enterprise Document Assessment Methodology, which focuses holistically on an enterprise’s document system as a measurement of hidden inefficiency, revenue drain and profit potential. EDAM includes proprietary tools, databases, statistical modeling, interpretation techniques and exhaustive industry research. The methodology helps give sales reps a view of overall total document production, related costs and likely machine population. This knowledge provides a road map to navigate future assessments.

“ALL Associates can bring value to anyone involved in MPS. Our data fits nicely because it comes at the front end of any justification. We have worked for many years with major equipment vendors who sell into corporations to justify recommendations for MPS engagement, fleet replacement or other initiatives. Now we are expanding our scope to offer more services geared to the brand-neutral dealer community, and MPSA membership also fits some additional directions we want to explore for our business,” said Riddell.

On the Value of MPSA

The MPSA provides a great community for people to learn, according to Riddell. “Vendors in the MPS space have forged ahead and defined their own service offerings and what MPS is all about. Experience in the Channel goes from one extreme of having done it, to knowing absolutely nothing. The value of MPSA is as an educational and networking forum to build noncompetitive connections and help members through operational challenges and questions.”

Riddell concluded, By joining MPSA, we are looking for broader acknowledgement of what we have done and what we have to offer. We have worked in ‘stealth mode,’ successfully providing large manufacturers and vendors with data to support their strategies. We see this as an opportunity to work more closely with small businesses. All dealers face the same challenge in focusing clients’ attention on the issues around documents. MPS is the latest iteration of providing value to that client and going where the costs are. We are moving to more involvement in the dealer community because that is where the growth opportunity is.”

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Media Contact:
Joe Barganier
President, Managed Print Services Association

Carro Ford Weston

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