Managed Print Services Association Dissolved Due to Lack of Print

31-Mar-2012 9:30 PM | Anonymous
In a shocking development, it was announced today that the Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) was being renamed due to lack of print. Several industry experts reacted to the news with great disappointment, but little surprise.
“I’ve been observing the death of print for years,” declared Greg Walters, Secretary of the MPSA Board of Directors. “It’s been just a matter of time.  Over the past 12 months, I’ve seen copier dealers opening White Castle franchises everywhere. Madness.”


“From the end user side, we’ve been expecting the demise of hardcopy for quite some time,” added Justin West, Vice President of the MPSA Board. “In anticipation of this, we have been privately preparing to relaunch the association as the MXSA, and will have more details very soon.”
For more information about the shuttering of the MPSA, visit:

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