Office Document Consulting Introduces DOCassess

28-May-2012 11:30 AM | Anonymous
As Managed Print Services continues to gain greater significance in the Global Marketplace OEMs and their dealer channels are looking for tools to assess MPS business and reduce the time to successfully complete these complex transactions. It's with this in mind that Office Document Consulting Inc. is proud to introduce DOCassess.

Office Document Consulting Inc. is a Canadian consulting company focused on delivering industry leading MPS solutions. The latest release of DOCassess version 1.02 was a complete replacement of the GUI in order to allow for greater flexibility for additional languages and scalability as the solution evolves.

DOCassess is an MPS sales aid and assessment tool that prides itself in its ease of use. Begin with a "print environment balanced score card" to help educate the customer as to the health of their current print environment and then move into two types of assessments. The surface level assessment allows for a quick all in assessment, which fits in well with the SMB customer offering fleet verbalization with device mapping, current vs proposed financials, interview end user section along with proposal document.

The advanced assessment includes everything from the surface level assessment, plus individual device TCOs, flexible consumable and coverage adjustments,  a robust customized carbon foot print calculator that would help to address many organizational "green initiatives"  along with two additional proposal documents depending on your audience.

"Our goal from the start was to develop a tool that was easy to use and would aid sales reps, yes, I said sales reps, as they attempted to sell the concept of MPS and perform an assessment up to 50 percent faster. We feel that DOCassess is well positioned to become the leading assessment tool for the SMB Market." Mike Lamothe President, Office Document Consulting Inc.

For further information regard DOCassess visit or call 1-647-389-5048

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