MPSA Welcomes New Corporate Member from Australia

04-Jun-2012 11:44 AM | Anonymous
Smartprint Brings MPS Experience and New Perspectives to the Increasingly Diverse MPSA Membership

Smartprint, founded in Sydney, Australia, in 2001, as Smartprint Fleet Management, has joined the Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) as a corporate member. Now headquartered in Queensland, Australian-owned and operated Smartprint is one of Australia’s fastest-growing managed print services, specializing in the supply, management and maintenance of laser printer and photocopier fleets. The company recently won a 2012 MPSA Leadership Award in the regional MPS provider category.

“The folks at SmartPrint have been on my radar for two years. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them in Sydney and was impressed with their passion for all things MpS. Their participation in your MPSA is further proof that MpS is global language and the MPSA is ready to serve members on every continent. We are proud to refer to SmartPrint as an MPSA member and look forward to collaborating with them in the future. Welcome aboard,” said MPSA President, Greg Walters.

An Interview with Jason Ganis, CEO and Co-founder of Smartprint In a recent interview, Smartprint co-founder and CEO Jason Ganis talked about his perception of the MPS market and why he believes MPSA membership is important to his company and the MPS industry as a whole. Excerpts from that interview follow.

Why is SmartPrint joining MPSA as a Corporate Member?
It is important to have an independent organization like the MPSA to report and oversee an industry; a place people can turn to for guidance and information. We know we will learn from the experiences of other members and look forward to sharing our experiences with them. We expect to keep informed of industry news and product releases. We also want to be measured against the market through our membership and to receive independent feedback. In turn, we can provide insight into this region and how MPS in Australia and the U.S. compare, as Smartprint is involved in both markets.

How do you view the role of MPS in the document industry?
MPS has become the flagship product for the document industry. Major manufacturers and copier/printer suppliers alike promote, advertise and talk about MPS to retain clients and involve themselves in the battle for market share. According to independent studies, Australia is expected to reach MPS market saturation in 2013 with a forecast of AUS $880 million.

What are clients looking for in an MPS solution?
Being vendor-neutral, agnostic and unbiased is important in MPS. You need to walk in and manage any needs from any supplier, as generally this is what larger entities with multiple sites, decentralized buying patterns and no real device management require. We have found that neutrality avoids chaos and disturbance to the client’s business. The client is going to get the best product fit —and mixed brands if required — rather than the only thing that the MPS provider can sell.
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