MPSA Recognizes the Leaders of the MPS Industry

MPSA Leadership Awards

The Global MPSA MPS Awards recognize the leaders, the innovators, and the dedicated members of the MPS community.

Award nominees test the boundaries of our industry, look to the future, respect the past, take risks, serve their profession, and welcome diversity of thought.

2016 Awards

Best MPS Innovation Award – Clover Imaging Group. This award is intended to single out organizations that have established new developments and initiatives in MPS that have the potential to redefine the way we view the industry.

Independent MPS Plus Provider  – Xtandit. An independent organization selling Basic managed print services and offers additional solutions such as document management, workflow, and/or business document processes.

Regional Managed Print Services Provider – Xtandit. A local regional organization that provides all or any aspects of managed print services in one or more countries of the following regions; Asia Pacific, Europe/Russia, India/Middle East/Africa, and South America, whether directly or indirectly.  

Managed Print Infrastructure Provider – Supplies Network. An organization providing the necessary component structure to MPS Services. Providers that provide MPS to end-user customers. This organization is not owned, directly or indirectly, by a manufacturer.  

MPS Software Provider – Print Audit. An organization that develops software for the managed print services sector, whether sales management, device management, user management, service management, or billing.

MPS Professional Services Provider – GreatAmerica Financial Services. An organization with more than one full-time employee providing training, research, or consultancy.

Direct MPS Provider – Canon USA. An organization selling basic managed print services (supplies fulfillment, break/fix service, and equipment services) that is owned directly or indirectly by a manufacturer (includes branches and subsidiaries).

In addition, Qualpath President & CEO, and MPSA President, Kevin DeYoung, was named Volunteer of the Year for his tireless work on behalf of the MPSA.

Congratulations to all our winners.

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