The Hidden Costs in Toner – How to Optimize your Margin Opportunity

  • 24-Jan-2018
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Webinar

MPSA is proud to announce the first webinar for 2018.

The Hidden Costs in Toner – How to Optimize your Margin Opportunity, presented by Virtulytix.

In this presentation, Scott Hornbuckle, President, and Mario Diaz, VP Consulting, will help channel providers understand the lost margin associated with replacing toner cartridges before they are empty, (an average of $50 per monochrome device per year, even more for color) and how to capitalize on this problem to significantly increase margins (ie. Over $250,000 annually for a managed fleet of 5,000 devices).

  • Hear the results of empirical testing to measure residual toner in cartridges which are believed to be empty. This testing was conducted in ‘well managed’ environments that utilized toner optimization programs. 
  • The costs associated with this ‘lost toner’.
  • How predictive analytics can predict empty supplies with far greater efficiency and accuracy than existing human factors, and linear regression based models.
  • Identify why existing solutions including user behavior modification and current linear regression models have inherent limitations and identify how predictive analytics solutions overcome the limitations. 
  • Demonstration of a SaaS predictive analytics solution which reduces this lost toner by up to 80%.
  • Options to help identify the margin impact for your business and increase margin.

Special offer for participants: Free White Paper on wasted toner and how predictive analytics solutions can reduce the waste.

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