MPSA Committees

MPSA Committees

If you are a member of the MPSA and interested in joining any committee please email us at the address under each committee heading.

Standards and Best Practices Committee​

The development of standards and best practices within our MPS industry.


Chairperson: Eric Crump, Director of Strategic Alliances, Ringdale
Co-Chairperson: Anthony Reisinger, Solution Architect, Exela Technologies
Sponsor: Paul Pedersen, Director of Managed Services, Guy Brown
Ron Alphin, VP of Managed Services, ABM Federal
Nelson Everette, Channel Account Manager, Lexmark International
Chris Hamilton, Director, MPS Portfolio Strategy, Ricoh

Marketing/Communications Committee

The advancement of MPS within the industry through the communications of all MPSA Activities to our members and the overall industry. All areas involved with the promotion, branding and event planning for the MPSA.


Chairperson: Karen Lachtanski, Director of Global PR and Media Relations, Y Soft
Co-Chairperson: Vacant
Tom Hadlock, Stein IAS Americas
Josie Heskje, Director of Strategic Marketing, GreatAmerica Financial Services
Ann Priede, Senior Manager, Enterprise Operations, Canon Solutions America
Jennings Tinsley, Field Account Executive – Print Solutions, Synnex

Membership Committee

Creating programs that add value to the MPSA Membership as well as pursuit of new members and retention of existing members.


Chairperson: Barney Kister, SVP MPS Sales, Supplies Network
Sponsor: Sarah Custer, Director of Services and Solutions, Supplies Network

Education Committee

All areas involved in the development of educational programs and content that serves to enhance the MPS Industry.


Chairperson: Ed Mosteller, CEO, perform IT US, LLC
Co-Chairperson: Vacant
Sponsor: Mitchell Filby, Managing Director, First Rock Consulting Pty Ltd.
David Brown, Business Development, ACDI
Bill Ford, Director of MPS Solutions, Clover Imaging Group
Mark Hart, Executive Director of Business Development, ACDI
William MacVicar, Technical Support Manager, American Printware
Dominique Moine, Director of MPS Professional Services, EMEA
Aldo Spensieri

Innovation Committee

Allow the MPSA Executive and Board of Directors information to proactively shape, evolve, and align the ongoing future strategy, direction and the sustainability of the association.


Chairperson/Sponsor: Mitchell Filby, Managing Director, First Rock Consulting Pty Ltd
Co-Chairperson: Vacant

Collaboration Committee

Drive interaction and collaboration with other Industry associations and groups to promote MPS and the MPSA Association.


Chairperson: Christian Pepper, President – Channel Partner Division, LD Products
Co-Chairperson: West McDonald, VP of Business Development, Tigerpaw Software Inc.
Sponsor: Gregory Brisco, Vice President, SomethingNew

Finance Committee

Maintain full and accurate account of all monies and obligations received and paid or incurred by the association, and regularly report status and recommendations to drive financial stability.


Chairperson: Mark Hart, Executive Director of Business Development, ACDI
Co-Chairperson: Brian Stevenson, President, FootPRINT Managed Services
Sponsor: West McDonald, VP of Business Development, Tigerpaw Software Inc.

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