MWA Intelligence Renews Platinum Membership in Managed Print Services Association

07-Mar-2012 8:02 AM | Anonymous

The Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) announces that MWA Intelligence, Inc. (MWAI) has renewed its Platinum Membership in the Managed Print Services Association.

“Visionary organizations like Mike Stramaglio and the MWAi team raise the bar for the Managed Print Services Association. They not only challenge us with ideas about the future of our industry, they also offer game plans to take us there. Because of committed members like MWAi, the MPSA continues to thrive as a resource for the managed print marketplace,” said MPSA President, Joe Barganier.

Extract from Interview with MWAi Information Architect Mark McCuen

In this interview extract, MWAi Information Architect and Vice President Mark McCuen talks about what’s ahead for the managed print industry and why membership in MPSA is especially important at this time. Read the full interview with MPS pro Mark McCuen at the MPSA website,

Why is MPSA important to the MPS industry?

MPSA has some of leaders in industry MPS, along with people just starting out. Communication and sharing ideas and best practices within this common ground is the only way to success and innovation. Even if you think you have it all figured out, you can’t do it by yourself. Any organization that brings best practices together is important to the members of that group.

What attracted MWAi to the MPSA? 

We are very impressed with what the MPSA is doing. Communication is key to managing the change we are all going through, and it’s productive to gather and connect like minds. We want to help MPS providers as they are putting their services together.

Communication and the Big Picture

We are also attracted because the picture is bigger than MPS, and as an industry, we need people with the right expertise, and then we can grow anything from a core MPS practice to true Managed Services. We are thrilled to be part of this industry, but hold onto your seats because if MPS providers do this right, we have the chance to become major service players in the enterprise.

MPS as an App

As MPS players, we as an industry need to restructure our approach. Customer environments are fixed now, but becoming less so, and in the near future, service technicians and account support personnel will access more data from apps for cost-effective, instant updates.

For the full transcription of this frank, insightful interview, visit

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Joe Barganier

President, Managed Print Services Association


Carro Ford Weston


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The Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) serves the emerging MPS industry through the development of standards and industry guidelines which unite the different segments of the industry that bring value to all those participating. For more information about this independent, not-for-profit organization, visit

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