MPSA Leadership Award Spotlight: In Time Tec

2023 MPSA Software ITTThis Q&A series will spotlight the winners of the 2023 Leadership Awards. First up is Best MPS Software Provider winner In Time Tec.

Describe your company 

We exist to create abundance with everyone we meet.  We hope you find that statement inspiring.  In Time Tec is a collection of people who are committed to making a difference on this planet, and creating abundance means building a future with you, our partners and teams, based on trust, transparency, integrity, and leadership.  We want to truly partner with you to help you achieve your best successes and business goals.  We do this through software and technology.  And we walk the talk: if you don’t get an ROI, you don’t pay the invoice.  It’s our brand promise.

Describe your solution.

It’s called Cartos Suite, consisting of an assessment and design visualization studio, a TCO engine, and an expansive proprietary product database.  If you’re selling MPS, you have or need one of these for your work, and wouldn’t it be nice if your toolset was sensible?  You prefer to minimize the time spent in discovery while maximizing the data accumulated.  Your customer wants you to minimize the churn on their site, yet deliver realistic results. Perhaps you don’t need to walk the floor, or map devices.  Maybe you only need replacement recommendations, or perhaps just a TCO analysis.  It could be that you need someone working the back end while you work the front.  You perform only the tasks required for the project.  You don’t want to manage software tool installations, version control, or unstable applications that don’t communicate well, or don’t work offline.  So don’t.  Try Cartos Suite.

What pain point does your solution solve?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t solve assessments, but it does remove much of the hassle.  Cartos Suite is cloud-based rather than an application, so system requirements consist of, well, Chrome and a PC.  There is only one version and everyone is on it.  Assessment data is auto-saved to the server where it won’t get lost.  It has a presentation builder and supporting document exporter so you can spend more time watching soccer with your family than you presently do swivel-seating information.

Where do you keep your award?

It is featured in our Creation Lounge – adding coolness and panache to our other awards, such as Best Place to Work in Idaho and Inc. 5000 Power Partner.

If someone wants more information, who do they contact?

Lyndon Nolan, Senior Program Manager, via

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