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Managed Print RFP Template eBook

For MPS providers to be more successful, they should actively provide prospects with a list of RFP requirements to guide the buying criteria to be aligned with the best interests of the customer as well as favor the strengths of the MPS provider. This eBook provides industry best practices to help set MPSA members apart from their competition to win more MPS business.

MPS Provider Best Practices: Security Including Remote Working

Security in the print environment is one of the most overlooked risk components of the network infrastructure, but this mindset is beginning to change as customers become educated and working environments change. An MPS provider is seen as the trusted advisor to the organization for all elements relating to print and the infrastructure involved including WFH environments. The information included in this white paper should provide MPS providers with an appropriate blueprint from which they can review and build on in order to ensure their clients are effectively secured against basic, as well as advanced, security threats.

A Guide to Successful Periodic Business Reviews (PBR)

The MPSA Education Committee has designed a practical “how to guide-book” that helps providers who deliver an MPS-led solution better prepare, manage and support a more disciplined transformation approach when implementing either a relatively simple or a more complex MPS solution to customers. 

The Power of Automated Scan Workflows

Organizations can increase productivity by replacing paper-based processes with automated scan workflows. This e-book from MPSA member Y Soft describes how workflows simplify scanning for the user and increases the accuracy and consistency of scanned documents. Administrators can easily create and manage workflows. 

Education Guidebook: Implementing an MPS Program

The purpose of this “how-to guidebook” is to assist MPS providers to better prepare, manage, and support an MPS implementation. It is designed to be tailored to support a relatively simple client requirement as well as clients who require a more disciplined and transformational approach for their enterprise MPS implementation. 

MPS Provider Best Practices: Break/Fix Service

This document is intended to help an MPS provider’s leadership and operational management teams choose the best business model for designing, managing, and improving its break/fix service delivery.

The Managed Print Services Assessment Guidebook

A high-level guidebook for service providers who want to learn more about conducting a strategic approach to a Managed Print Services assessment.

MPS Provider Best Practices: Supplies Management

This is the first in a multi-part series on post-sales management of an MPS engagement, with focus on best practices around supplies management.

Managed Print Service Framework Overview

An outline of the four most common business models for Managed Print Service providers as identified by SBP committee members and other industry providers solicited for input, as well a breakout of the high-level model segments, and corresponding components as they fit into those segments.