Standards and Best Practices Committee
The development of standards and best practices within our MPS industry
Chairperson: Paul Pedersen, Business Unit Manager, Datacentrix
Co-Chairperson: Brian Dawson Productive Specialist; Sales Coach and Mentor Print Tracker
Sponsor: Ron Alphin, VP of Managed Services, ABM Federal
Kevin DeYoung, President & CEO, Qualpath, Inc.
Harry Hecht, Business Coach and Consultant
Keith Houghton, Director, Transcend360 Ltd.
John Alfred Hustvedt, MPS Evangelist, DocuMentor
Mike Lamothe, President, Office Document Consulting
Kim Louden, Director, National Accounts, GreatAmerica Financial Services

Keith Shumard, Senior Consultant - Managed Print Consultant, Pomeroy
Daniel TaylorHead of EMEA Channel Managed Print Services, Samsung
Gus Yusem, Offering Manager, Global MPS Group, Xerox

Marketing/Communications Committee
The advancement of MPS within the industry through the communications of all MPSA Activities to our members and the overall industry. All areas involved with the promotion, branding and event planning for the MPSA.
Chairperson: Josie Heskje, Director of Strategic Marketing, GreatAmerica Financial Services
Co-Chairperson: Ann Priede, Operations Manager, Canon Solutions America
Sponsor: Sarah Henderson, Director, MPS operations, Clover Imaging Group
Tom Hadlock, Seiter Miller
Karen Lachtanski, Director of Global PR and Media Relations, Y Soft
Carrie Mulcahy, Director of Corporate Marketing, Auxilio
Bob Meyer, Beacon Sales and Marketing

Membership Committee
Creating programs that add value to the MPSA Membership as well as pursuit of new members and retention of existing members.
Chairperson: Kevin Morris, CEO, OneDOC Managed Print Services
Terri Crowley, Photizo Group
Christian Pepper, LMI Solutions

Education Committee

All areas involved in the development of educational programs and content that serves to enhance the MPS Industry.
Chairperson: Kevin Campbell, Senior Consultant, Xerox
Co-Chairperson: Petra Diener, CEO | Talent & Communication Specialist, 3 Across The Sea
Sponsor: Bill Ford, Director of MPS Solutions, Clover Imaging Group
Kevin DeYoung, President & CEO, Qualpath, Inc.
Mitchell Filby, Managing Director, First Rock Consulting Pty Ltd.
Bill Frankel, Managing Partner, Ascher Group, LLC
Jennifer Goodrich, Consultant, Shutwell Dynamics
Laurie McLevish, Sales Development Manager, Print Audit
Aldo Spensieri, Vice President, MPS, Clover Imaging Group

MPSA European Colonies
Our dedicated group focused on MPS activities in Europe, addressing this region's specific issues, dedicated to support and growth of our members' success internationally
Chairperson: John Alfred Hustvedt, Managed Print Services Evangelist, Documentor (Norway)
Daniel TaylorHead of EMEA Channel Managed Print Services, Samsung

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