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About the Managed Print Certified Credential

MPSA Certified 2022The MPSA now serves as the owner and assessor for the new MPSA Managed Print Certified accreditation, which replaces the CompTIA Managed Print Trustmark program.

Organizations that have already obtained a CompTIA Managed Print Trustmark certification can leverage that assessment in obtaining accreditation for MPSA Managed Print Certified. The status of organizations that are currently accredited by CompTIA will not be impacted by this change. 

To earn the Managed Print Certified accreditation, organizations will be evaluated on the internal practices and procedures used to run their managed print business and the external activities and operations they engage in with customers and prospects. This process validates the organization’s commitment to meet or exceed the best business practices the MPS industry has to offer for end-user organizations.

The Managed Print Certified Accreditation is a self-reporting process. Applying MPS providers submit an application with supporting documentation covering the competencies, skills, and knowledge detailed in this document. It is important to note that not every control in this framework is required to earn the credential. 

The accreditation is designed to allow partners to work together to meet the requirements. It is divided into two main pieces. The first covers the business competencies of managed print providers and must be successfully completed by all organizations participating in the program. The second covers the skills and knowledge necessary to sell, deliver, and operate a managed print solution. This second section is where partners can work together to respond to the particular areas of expertise they provide in the relationship (sales, delivery, or operations).

In order to earn the Managed Print Certified Accreditation, an organization must

Agree to the Code of Conduct (Section 1)

Successfully complete the Business Competencies (Sections 2 & 3)

Successfully complete the Sales Skills Validation Section (Section 4)

Successfully complete the Delivery and Operations Skills Validation Section (Sections 5 & 6), OR Partner with an organization that has earned the Managed Print Certified accreditation

For further information, connect with the MPSA from the Contact Us page.

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