Print 2025: The Smart Connected Future of Print in the Digital Workplace


The MPSA is pleased to announce a new webinar: Print 2025: The Smart Connected Future of Print in the Digital Workplace, presented by Louella Fernandes, Quocirca 

Powerful forces such as digital disruption and the shift to a service economy are reshaping the print industry, creating an imperative to change. 

Quocirca’s Global Print 2025 study provides unique and invaluable insight for senior executives and industry leaders who seek to gain a clear perspective on the future of print in the changing digital workplace.  Based on comprehensive research undertaken among print industry executives and end user organizations, the Global Print 2025 study examines the changing role of print and digital technology and how business expectations of traditional print suppliers will evolve.

The presentation will draw from insights relevant to the US. Following the presentation, Louella will take questions. By attending this webinar you will learn:

  • What are the challenges and opportunities facing the print industry?
  • The key digital transformation trends that are disrupting print in the digital workplace
  • What are SMBs and Enterprise organizations looking for in their print supplier of 2025?
  • What are the key success strategies for vendors and their partners to remain relevant in the digital era?

Listen to the archived recording here: