2023 Leadership Award Spotlight: ACDI

2023 ACDI Professional ServicesContinuing our spotlight of MPSA Leadership Award winners is a Q&A with ACDI, winners of Best MPS Professional Services Provider

Describe your company

At ACDI, who we are is fueled by the people who make up our organization and our push to stay unified lets each of our individual accomplishments mean more. Our core values provide the foundation for all that we do, continually marching toward our vision to be the world leader in delivering business solutions and services. As we seek to exceed expectations and cultivate intentional relationships with our partners, these values serve as a guidepost.

When we focus on implementing our values consistently across the organization, it shows. Whether we’re diligently serving our partners, engaging in a company-wide ping pong tournament, or hosting a New Year’s Eve ball drop celebration at our headquarters, we strive to acknowledge awesomeness, demonstrate professionalism, challenge ourselves, and inspire others to fulfill our mission of being better than yesterday.

Describe your solution.

Since 1994, office equipment suppliers have trusted ACDI to provide industry-leading capture, print management, electric vehicle (EV) charging, and cost-recovery solutions to streamline office technology and the document lifecycle. From hardware payment solutions, proximity card readers, and EV charging stations to digital workflow automation, fleet management, and analytics software, ACDI’s extensive portfolio pairs seamlessly with its industry-leading project coordination, installation, marketing, and sales expertise.

These solutions drive efficiency and productivity for thousands of organizations across education, healthcare, government, and beyond. This comprehensive portfolio is backed by global channel distribution and development partnerships with the most prominent copier and printer manufacturers. Our humble hope is that our shared commitment, along with the drive to be better than yesterday, sets us apart as leaders in the industry.

What pain point does your solution solve?

Our portfolio of innovative solutions and services alleviates a number of common business challenges and pitfalls for organizations across a variety of different industries. Covering all aspects of the office technology space, our solutions for print and document management, business analytics, printer fleet management, and secure access solve the most pressing pain points for business professionals, most notably with efficiency, security, cost savings, and accessibility improvements.

Where do you keep your award?

Our award for Best MPS Professional Services Provider is one of our team’s most prized possessions. Fittingly, it’s housed near the entrance of our headquarters for all to see and admire as they walk in the door. Even Tom Brady would be envious of our ability to prominently display the recognition of our organizational success, which, much like the legendary quarterback’s extensive collection of Lombardi trophies, serves as motivation to never waiver in our mission to deliver the best solutions as we continue to take on the world.

If someone wants more information, who do they contact?

For more information, contact David Brown, Senior Product Manager at ACDI – [email protected]


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