2023 Leadership Award Spotlight: Caltronics

Caltronics Independent MPS Provider Award

Wrapping up our coverage of the 2023 award winners is a Q&A with Best Independent MPS Provider Caltronics.

Describe your company.

Caltronics has provided office technology and print solutions since 1975. Our team works directly with companies to analyze their current and future needs to develop a custom solution that ultimately exceeds their goals. With locations across California and the national reach of our parent company, Flex Technology Group, Caltronics has the flexibility to create the best office solution with top tier local service for our customers.

Describe your solution

Caltronics Business Systems presents a comprehensive Managed Print Services (MPS) solution that encompasses a broad spectrum of services aimed at optimizing operational efficiency and enhancing service delivery for our esteemed clients. Our expertise in integrating technologies, tailored services, and strategic partnerships positions us as the ideal partner. Our MPS offering includes the seamless integration of a comprehensive output strategy, coupled with dedicated support for large-scale installations and projects. This ensures a cohesive approach to managing our clients document output needs. Our solution also encompasses precise fleet management, including accurate measurement, tailored reporting, and technology optimization recommendations. This empowers our clients to make informed decisions about their technology assets.

What pain point does your solution solve?

At Caltronics, our MPS program is purposefully designed to be adaptable, ensuring that it effectively addresses special customer problems and unique challenges. We understand that each client’s needs are distinct, and we are committed to offering customized solutions that align with their specific requirements. Caltronics takes pride in being vendor-neutral, allowing us to provide solutions that are truly aligned with our clients’ best interests. This approach enables us to offer a diverse range of technology options and not be limited to a single manufacturer’s portfolio. This flexibility ensures that we can tailor our solutions to match specific business goals, technical requirements, and budget constraints.

Where do you keep your award?

We keep the award on display at our corporate headquarters in Sacramento in the lobby.

If someone wants more information, who do they contact?

Daron Bryant

[email protected]


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