Managed Print Services Association Enhances Managed Print Certified Program with New Security Criteria

Mount Royal, NJ, 14 January 2024 — The Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) proudly announces the augmentation of its Managed Print Certified program by incorporating robust security criteria content into its member assessment process. This upgrade is in response to the evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats and further solidifies the program’s commitment to excellence and industry-leading standards in Managed Print Services (MPS).

“Security is a paramount concern for both customers and technology solution providers,” remarked MPSA President Eric Crump. “The inclusion of security criteria in our Managed Print Certified program reaffirms our dedication to addressing the pressing needs of the industry. This certification not only differentiates certified providers but also empowers them to navigate an increasingly competitive market with confidence.”

The MPSA Standards and Best Practices committee, consisting of industry leaders from ABM Federal, Exela Technologies, HP, In Time Tec, Konica Minolta, PaperCut, rf IDEAS, Ringdale, and Xerox, played a crucial role in developing these important improvements through collaborative efforts.

The Managed Print Certified program has experienced significant traction, witnessing a growth in the number of certified members. Presently, more than 25 international members have successfully achieved certification, a testament to the program’s relevance and industry-wide recognition.

The MPSA encourages all Managed Print Services providers to explore the enhanced Managed Print Certified program to gain a competitive edge and demonstrate their commitment to delivering secure and reliable solutions to clients.

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