COVID-19 Resources

The MPSA is dedicated to assisting members during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have a number of resources available, including webinars and podcasts featuring advice from industry leaders and peers, and white papers and research to aid in securing the current workforce and planning for the future.

Some resources are available to the public while others are members-only exclusives. There has never been a better time to become an MPSA member with our limited-time-only offer of 6 months free membership to independent dealers. See what membership has to offer and join today!


OEM Series: Dealing With the Pandemic

With all of the difficulties created by COVID-19, the Education committee talked to several OEMs to see how they are dealing with this unprecedented situation.

Dan Waldinger, Brother

Jim Joyce, Xerox

MPSA Home Office Security Podcast

In this discussion with Eric Crump and Paul Pedersen from the MPSA Best Practices Committee, we address securing home office output devices. 


How are MPS Dealers Surviving the Impact of COVID-19?

Unprecedented. Uncertain. Unsure. Unknown. These are not the words any business leader wants to embrace due to the impact of COVID-19 on the imaging channel and the business model of MPS.

On April 20, 2020 we talked to MPS leaders Kevin DeYoung and Kevin Morris to see how they were responding and what resources they recommended.

We checked back in with Kevin and Kevin six months into the pandemic to hear how their businesses are evolving and addressing the challenges of COVID. Hear firsthand what resources have been most helpful, their continued response and plans for the future.

View Part 1 and Part 2 (both members only)

Security and Remote Working – MPSA Standards and Best Practices Panel

Join Mark Hart (ACDI) and Eric Crump (Ringdale) as they facilitate a panel discussion about security and remote working with the MPSA Standards and Best Practices Committee. The volunteers on the committee answer questions and share their perspectives on the latest challenges for MPS providers as we continue through the pandemic. View now (members only)

Printing in the Hybrid Workplace: Survey Results of IT Decision Makers from Quocirca

Louella Fernandes from Quocirca shares insights from her July 2020 survey of 300 IT decision-makers. With the acceleration of remote working, how are IT leaders viewing print security? How are A3/A4 print deployments being re-evaluated in the current climate? What are the opportunities for cloud solutions to meet the needs of a hybrid workforce? Available to non-MPSA members until Dec. 31. View now.

Research and White Papers

MPS Provider Best Practices: Security Including Remote Working

Security in the print environment is one of the most overlooked risk components of the network infrastructure, but this mindset is beginning to change as customers become educated and working environments change. An MPS provider is seen as the trusted advisor to the organization for all elements relating to print and the infrastructure involved including WFH environments. The information included in this white paper should provide MPS providers with an appropriate blueprint from which they can review and build on in order to ensure their clients are effectively secured against basic, as well as advanced, security threats.

For a limited time this paper is available to non-members. Click here to access.

Quocirca Hybrid Workplace ITDM Study

New research amongst UK and US IT Decision Makers (ITDMs) reveals a range of changes that are being made to support workers in the evolving hybrid workplace. Quocirca conducted a snapshot study amongst 303 ITDMs across the UK (103) and US (200) in July 2020. This Quocirca study, valued at more than $2,000, is available as an MPSA member exclusive. Visit the white papers page for member access.